•   What Is Radiator Cap?

  •   What Is Adblue Cap?

  •   Fuel Tank Cap?

  •   Engine Oil Cap?

What Is Radiator Cap

It ensures the cooling of the engine by pressurizing the water within the cooling system of the vehicle. The radiator cap keeps the cooling liquid in the radiator under a pre-determined pressure. The liquid boils and vanishes by evaporation if it is not kept under pressure. The radiator cap stops the boiling by providing the necessary pressure. As the boiling point increases with the pressure, the liquid inside the system would not boil even if it exceeds 100 degree. Furthermore, a quantity of water decreased in the radiator is supplied to the radiator from auxiliary water tank thanks to the valve system on the cap. FAH-LER A.Ş. cap is the best solution for the health of your vehicle.

What Is Adblue Cap

What Is Adblue AdBlue (Üre) is a non-toxic solution used for chemically reducing the Nox-emission of the vehicles. AdBlue provides savings in fuel consumption while helping to reduce the exhaust gas emission. AdBlue is a non-toxic and non-poisonous, biodegradable and water soluble, colorless solution.
The most important part of the tank where you store this significant fuel that you use in your vehicle is of course the cap part which could be protective against all kinds of leakage or intake. FAH-LER A.Ş. aims to offer you the best service also in this field with its adblue caps.

Fuel Tank Cap

The tank in which the fuel aiming to provide the necessary energy to run the engine is called Fuel Tank. The fuel pump carries out fuel suction from the fuel tank as soon as the engine is started. In order to ensure this suction, the fuel tank cap must be able to intake air from outside as much as the suction carried out. It must prevent fuel leakage while ensuring air intake into the fuel tank. In addition, it must not leak more than 30ml per minute in case of an accident when the vehicle is completely rolled over. FAH-LER A.Ş. gives the ultimate significance to the safety of your lives. FAH-LER A.Ş. fuel tank caps properly carry out all of these duties.


Engine oil prevents the corrosion of friction surfaces by generating a lubricious oil layer between the running parts of the engine in the motor vehicles. Engine oil is contained within its unique tank. Engine oil which is crucial for engine health must not leak from its tank. FAH-LER oil caps play an important role in the protection of your engine by preventing the oil leakage.

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